Synonyms まほろまてぃっく

Released Dec 01, 1998


Action Seinen Comedy Sci-Fi Romance Ecchi

Author Ditama, BowNakayama, Bunjuro

Rating 7.53 /10 by 1,217 users myanimelist

Views 428

Status50 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Vesper is a secret agency fighting an army of alien invaders by using super-powerful battle androids. Mahoro is Vesper\'s most powerful battle android and has won many battles, but she has little operating time left and soon will cease to function. However, if she lays down her arms and conserves her remaining power, the time she has left can be prolonged to just over a year. Mahoro is given an opportunity to live the remaining time she has as a normal human. She chooses to live as a maid for Suguru, a phenomenally messy high school student who lives by himself after his family passed away. (Source: ANN)

Vol.8 Ch.44: The Day the Sky Fell 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.43: Mahoro's Desire 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.42: Countdown 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.41: Bonds 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.40: Day of Goodbyes 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.39: Matthew 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.38: Night of Falling Flowers 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.37: Before and After the Tears 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.36: I'm Sorry (Part 2) 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.35: I'm Sorry (Part 1) 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.34: Liberty Bell 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.33: Confilcting Fates 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.32.2: Mahoromatic's Gonna Be An Anime 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.32.1: After Hours at the Suguru Residence 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.32: A Night About Nothing 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.31: That Which I Most Desire 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.30: The Evening Star 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.29: Grandfather and Grandchild 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.28: Sweetness Hurt a Bit More Than Love 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.27: A Mechanical Soul 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.26.5: Mahoromatic BLACK 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.26: Are You Happy Every Day 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.25: Come On! Like a Man! 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.24: Rose at Dawn, Pale at Dusk 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.23: I Caught a Cold 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.22: From Today Onward, I am Minawa 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.21: I Was 370 Before Today 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.20: Nightmare ~The Keeper~ 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.19: The Season for Dreaming 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.18: Of What Do We Dream At Night 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.18: Of What Do We Dream at Night 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.17: Let's Hear Your Dream 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.17: Let's Hear ☆ Your Dream 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.16: The Imprints of Warrior Dreams 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.16: The Imprints of Warrior Dreams 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.15: Starlight 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.14: Limelight 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.13: Moonlight 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.12: Searchlight 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.11: Twilight 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.10: Sad Color Under the Moon 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.9: Cloudy with Light Showers, with Panties in Some Regions 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.8: Monster School Building 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.7: 8 Out of 634 is Fine 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.6: Piercing Through the Heart 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.5 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.4 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.3 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.2 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.1 05/01/2019


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