Umi no Misaki

Synonyms 海の御先

Released Feb 23, 2007


Drama Seinen Comedy Slice of Life Romance Ecchi Harem

Author Fumizuki, Kou

Rating 7.48 /10 by 6,935 users myanimelist

Views 4,198

Status135 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Goto Nagi has travelled to the southern island of Okitsushima, and ventures out to see Umi no Misaki, a striking cape jutting out into the ocean. But when he arrives, he finds that there is much more to this cape than a wondrous view. There is something peculiar about the cape, and about the island's inhabitants. (Source: Solaris-SVU)

Vol.15 Ch.127 05/01/2019
Vol.15 Ch.126: It's Strange 05/01/2019
Vol.15 Ch.125: Compass 05/01/2019
Vol.15 Ch.124: Snowman 05/01/2019
Vol.15 Ch.123: Time Started Moving Again 05/01/2019
Vol.15 Ch.122: They Don't Know Our Blue 05/01/2019
Vol.15 Ch.121: Okutsu's Summer Never Ends 05/01/2019
Vol.15 Ch.120: Rising Dragon 05/01/2019
Vol.15 Ch.119: Revolving Lantern 05/01/2019
Vol.14 Ch.118: Underwater 05/01/2019
Vol.14 Ch.117: I'll Watch Over You 05/01/2019
Vol.14 Ch.116: Anger 05/01/2019
Vol.14 Ch.115: Lamentation 05/01/2019
Vol.14 Ch.114: The Choice of Fate 05/01/2019
Vol.14 Ch.113: Who Will You Choose? 05/01/2019
Vol.14 Ch.112: The Rising Dragon Festival Begins 05/01/2019
Vol.14 Ch.111: Grown Up Problems 05/01/2019
Vol.14 Ch.110: The Day Has Come 05/01/2019
Vol.13 Ch.109: Encounter with the Past Life 05/01/2019
Vol.13 Ch.108: I Have to Remember 05/01/2019
Vol.13 Ch.107: My Conclusion 05/01/2019
Vol.13 Ch.106: Beaten to the Punch 05/01/2019
Vol.13 Ch.105: I Love You 05/01/2019
Vol.13 Ch.104: Return It to The Sea 05/01/2019
Vol.13 Ch.103: 3 Sisters 05/01/2019
Vol.13 Ch.102: Summer School!? 05/01/2019
Vol.13 Ch.101: The Impatient Maidens 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.100: Memories of Dragon God 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.99: Meeting with the Dragon God 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.98: Used?! 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.97: Dream and Reality 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.96: The Same for Me 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.95: Me, Personally 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.94: Sacred Ground 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.93: Into the Cave 05/01/2019
Vol.12 Ch.92: Sunfish 05/01/2019
Vol.11 Ch.91: Intercourse 05/01/2019
Vol.11 Ch.90: Rough Me Up 05/01/2019
Vol.11 Ch.89: Thank You 05/01/2019
Vol.11 Ch.88: Shut Up!! 05/01/2019
Vol.11 Ch.87: Complex 05/01/2019
Vol.11 Ch.86: Essential Point 05/01/2019
Vol.11 Ch.85: Satisfaction & Anxiety 05/01/2019
Vol.11 Ch.84: Touch Me A Lot 05/01/2019
Vol.11 Ch.83: Say It More 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.82: Am I Ready? 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.81.5: My very Own Haru Chan 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.81: Stand Face to Face With Me 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.80: Decision of the Three Maidens 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.79: Take Care 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.78: Distance from the Gods 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.77: I Want Nagi-kun 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.76: Performance 05/01/2019
Vol.10 Ch.75: The Sea At Night 05/01/2019
Vol.9 Ch.74.5: Soyogi and Shizue 05/01/2019
Vol.9 Ch.74: The Work of an Actress 05/01/2019
Vol.9 Ch.73: Convenient and Inconvenient 05/01/2019
Vol.9 Ch.72: Pardon the Intrusion 05/01/2019
Vol.9 Ch.71: Mec vs. Cake Roll 05/01/2019
Vol.9 Ch.70: Two Sides of a Mirror 05/01/2019
Vol.9 Ch.69: Targeted Nagi!? 05/01/2019
Vol.9 Ch.68: First Sexual Experience Checkpoint 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.67.7: Southern Island Christmas 05/01/2019
Special Chapter: Bath Time 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.67: I Want to do it Now 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.66.5: Waai 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.66: The First Islander 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.65: Not a Chance!! 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.64: Three Maiden Meeting 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.63: Tama & Mike 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.62: Everybody's Dragon God 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.61: Promise 05/01/2019
Vol.8 Ch.60: The Heart is Complex 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.59: Jealousy...!? 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.58: Soyogi's Gambit 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.57: Not Good At All 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.56: Secret Flower Garden 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.55: Everything is Sweet 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.54: You've Done Well 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.53: On Hontsu Island 05/01/2019
Vol.7 Ch.52.5: Things here that you can't find in Tokyo 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.52: Time Capsule 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.51: Honoring Okuhime 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.50: The Nature of Things 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.49: Sorry 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.48: At the Beach Together! 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.47: Reward 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.46: Not Up for Debate!! 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.45: First Night 05/01/2019
Vol.6 Ch.44.5: Love Equation 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.44: The Fire in My Chest 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.43: Cake Roll 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.42: History 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.41: I Am the Third 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.40: Worthless Maiden 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.39: Physiological Phenomenon!? 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.38: Sanshin 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.37: ...Rendezvous!? 05/01/2019
Vol.5 Ch.36: Soyogi's House 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.35.5: Innocent Days 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.35: A Completely Different Person 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.34: Assault! Home Visit! 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.33: I'll Work Harder 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.32: The Beach 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.31: Kiss Me... 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.30: Maiden of Fire 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.29: Huh? Only Me!? 05/01/2019
Vol.4 Ch.28: Kaze No Misaki 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.27: Three People, Three Individuals 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.26: In the Care of Everyone 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.25: Confession 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.24: This Is Strange... Isn't It? 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.23: Shizuku's Secret 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.22: Choose 1 Out of 3!? 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.21: Mission and Fate 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.20: Welcome Back 05/01/2019
Vol.3 Ch.19: It's Okay If I Fall for You, Right? 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.18: Beginning to Fall in Love 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.17: Purification Rite 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.16: Sorry I'm Late 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.15: Okay, Just for a Little While 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.14: I Accept You 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.13: Maiden of the Sea 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.12: Can I Spend the Night? 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.11: Terrace for Two 05/01/2019
Vol.2 Ch.10: Please Forget 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.9: The Three Maidens 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.8: Reincarnation 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.7: Dragon God Festival 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.6: Purification Ritual 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.5: Soyogi 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.4: First Day Transfer 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.3: Karin and Rinne 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.2: Dragon God 05/01/2019
Vol.1 Ch.1: Okitsushima 05/01/2019


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Vol.28 Chapter 169: A Reset

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Chapter 135: The Best Time To See





Vol.18 Chapter 168: The Cold Woman

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