FELLOW WEEEEEEEEBBBBBBBBBSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! 0 reply 431 view (Created at 2020-10-06 08:10:08) -
I'm bored so let's talk about anime!!! and weird shit!!!!! and manga!!!!!!! (this chat is going to be a safe place of us weebs)
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I love how when I come on here, everything I've posted is on like, page 45 because people talking about Bj ALEX 0 reply 24 view (Created at 2020-10-13 21:10:07) -
Hahahaha. lol. I personally haven't read it because I'm reading a million manga's and I don't have the time. On a scale of 1-10 how good is it? Maybe I'll read it.
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banana fish!!! 0 reply 40 view (Created at 2020-10-16 05:10:49) -
so have any of you guys watched/read banana fish?!?! if so wanna talk about it??? and cry together!?!?! (this is a safe place like always! like all my other chats)
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hello 0 reply 12 view (Created at 2020-10-18 07:10:40) - Anonymous
so y saw this and I'm worried that my mom will hate me for my sexuality as you can see I'm bisexual y haven't told her so I need help should y tell her. oh and y have something else y go to daycare and y like this girl ever since we were hanging out like we will talk and other stuff so y had a tomboy best friend and y told her that y liked the girl. she really didn't care so yeah and then this other day when y went to daycare she was whit her phone and then she told me that her friend told her that she liked her and y got jealous and then y was like what is this for real y told her and she gave this look and she got close to me and said are you jealous my face was red and y was like ok come so we were in like in a carpet and y told her y haved feeling for her she said she had a feelings for me too and then i told that if she wanted to be my girlfriend she said yes we kept the secret for over self like she was to cute she is short blonde hair she has my age her name is Adrian but it wasn't a happy ending she told me she wanted to brake up my heart broke y told her y wanted to go to the bathroom y went and starded criying y was broken when y got out my friends and her friends we have the same friends my friend desteny told me what happend so y told her when y went to tell her why she wanted to break up she told me thad was because when y wasnet in daycere she was doing dares and one of the dare she pick the dare was to kiss the person in her left it was a friend thad y hated cause she tiinks she is pupular and all thad so she did it y was so angry y wanted a fight but at the same time y wanted her so we broke up y was a little depressd she was an angel to me and for me she is still my angel so theres a twise so her name is ximena she is the one thad kiss my ex girlfriend y wanted adrian back so y starded to get her back so y got her back and let me tell you how she broke up whit ximena we were in a pool field trip and it was time to go so we went to wash our haird and change adrian told ximena she was going on this one ximena was ok y was changing when y hear ximenaaaaaaaaaaa andrian yelled and when y got change y told adrian what happend she told me ximena when she was in the changig roomximena the curten so they broke up but y need to tell my mom so should y tell her or no
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who is here is a gamer? :) 0 reply 6 view (Created at 2020-10-18 23:10:31) -
hi there fellow gamers!
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Very Pure 0 reply 17 view (Created at 2020-10-16 14:10:12) -
Can someone fix the chapters. There are too many missing chapters, so much that i don't understand the story. =(
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Why Oikawa? 0 reply 13 view (Created at 2020-10-18 08:10:32) -
Okay so I swear I am being 100% serious when I ask this. So like ya know how like all of the Haiky?! fandom is kinda in love with Oikawa? Well I genuinely don't understand why they like him so much so could anyone explain why the fandom loves Oikawa so much?
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yo wanna play a weeb game.... let's see if we really do know our anime 0 reply 290 view (Created at 2020-10-12 01:10:11) - Anonymous
here are the rules. I or someone else will post a pic/gif FROM AN ANIME NOT A MANGA and others will guess what it is from and when someone gets it right the person that posted it has to tell them they got it right or we will never know if we are right or not.... anyways START!!!!! (A)MM LUV ME
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Hey Guys... 0 reply 52 view (Created at 2020-10-17 18:10:16) -
So last week, I came out to my mom and she was totally fine with me being lesbian. Then, she got mad at me yesterday night and she decided to call me a selfish, stupid faggot. I don't know what to do. Should I just let it be and ignore what she said? Or should I just wait until she realizes what she said? I honestly felt hurt that she called me a fag, because I trusted her enough to tell her something that I've only told my best friend. I don't really think she is Ok with me being lesbian, because otherwise, she wouldn't have said what she said last night. I am starting to regret telling her. If parents have ever called you a fag, or another hurtful phrase like that for just being who you are, I am truly sorry and I just want you to know that there are always people who are there for you.
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need help 0 reply 118 view (Created at 2020-10-14 03:10:23) -
can anybody suggest some bl comics to start bcuz i don't know much
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